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All Early Starters are introduced to a variety of activities throughout the year, with the goal of promoting well-rounded development.


French Lessons

Early exposure to language promotes healthy development and many cognitive and social benefits that will last a lifetime.

We have partnered with a local activity centre to provide French immersion learning sessions to our children. French is taught through poems, songs, rhymes, spelling bees. Our Early Starters learn to develop familiarity with our francophone neighbours, preparing them to become global citizens. Our Early Starters look forward to each fun session! 


Physical Education 

Physical activity is essential for a child’s development. It helps to develop healthy social, cognitive, and emotional skills while building self-esteem and confidence.

At Early Starters, our children are taken outside for play at regular intervals throughout the day.  Fridays are dedicated to physical education where we have fun on our play and learning equipment, such as a bouncy castle, trampoline, and a climbing house. Workout sessions to contemporary music are conducted mornings with an aerobics instructor!


Music, Movement, Drama 

Music, movement, and dramatic play support skills for school readiness; including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, creativity, and literacy.

At Early Starters, children are encouraged to engage in artistic expression through listening to music and singing. Our Early Starters also enjoy movement and drama through Ghanaian cultural dance and drama sessions. We have weekly music sessions with an organist and love to see and hear the beautiful art our children create!


Art Lessons

Art in early childhood education increases the capacity of memory, attention, and concentration and introduces children to new vocabulary and concepts. 

Our art lessons are designed to enhance and support each child's creative skills.  They design, make, draw, exhibit, and respond to their own artwork and that of their classmates. Early Starters learn to derive meaning and make a judgement about artwork based on their own unique sense of beauty and style.

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